Sol.illaquists LIVE (the truth don't need support)

Released: 02/2005 (Nonsense Records)

If you’ve seen these guys live I need not say more. But, if you haven’t you are missing an experience of a lifetime. WOW! One minute your body will be convulsing to the beat, the next your fist will be raised in the air for revolution, and then you will be left in tears wanting to do something about this matrix we live in. Just listen to these tracks and you will understand. Again: I need not say more. Ask Me, Markit Place, MEDEA, 911.
9 Tracks. 51 minutes.
(review courtesy of Nonsense Records)

1 PUSH 07:38
2 Threes 00:36
3 Property & Malt Liquor 03:50
4 Ask Me if I Care… 00:56
5 Markit Place 07:51
6 Transformation 05:12
7 MEDEA 03:21
8 GONN 03:30
9 911? 17:04

$ 11.00