No More Heroes

CD currently available without artwork only.*

* We no longer have the retail versions of "No More Heroes" & "As if We Existed".  Included in this package is the full album on CD in paper sleeve w/o the artwork & jewel case. 

Released 08/04/2009 (Anti-/Epitaph Records)

Anti’s Most Buzz-Worthy Hip Hop Group Breaks the Mold with Laser-like Precision on Aggressive, Focused Sophomore Album

From Hollywood to our nation’s capitol, the concept of the hero is more pervasive than ever in 2009. But in a time when donning the cape is so en vogue, Florida’s Solillaquists of Sound go the next step with their most personal work yet. The second in a trilogy of conceptually-linked albums, No More Heroes sheds the overtly cerebral approach that marked their debut As If We Existed in exchange for a more aggressive, in-your-face sound that is driven by the synth-heavy beats of MPC mastermind DiViNCi and the urgent vocals of Swamburger, Alexandrah, and Tonya Combs.

The past few years have seen the quartet blossom as they toured the world with the likes of Sage Francis, KRS-One, Bad Brains, Ozomatli, El-P and Michael Franti & Spearhead, who they also backed on the Election Year anthem “The Obama Song.” Their unparalleled live shows have won SoS a rabid grassroots following of devoted fans inspired by their eclectic musical aesthetic and unique approach to songwriting.

With a musical canvas fusing elements of hip hop, dubstep, prog-rock, afrobeat, folk music, and epic movie scores, the sound of No More Heroes is a blistering collage that never loses its identity, maintaining an underlying unified sound. The kid gloves are off; the record is primal, energetic, and as passionate as ever, a collection of songs representing a group at the apex of their collective virtuosity.

16 tracks. 60 minutes.
(review courtesy of Anti-/Epitaph Records)

01. Marvel 3:40
02. Harriet Tubman pt. 2 3:22
03. New Sheriff in Town 4:05
04. Gotham City Chase Scene 3:32
05. Look 4:12
06. Popcorn 2:54
07. The Curse 3:05
08. Dolla Dolla 3:12
09. The Roots of Kinte 4:15
10. Fittin’ In 3:35
11. Death of The Muse 4:42
12. 4 People 4:19
13. Heroes 4:57
14. Solillaquy (the 4-telling) 4:17
15. Bulletproof 4:42
16. No More Heroes (the illusion of silence) 1:38

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