Collector's Item Cassette Tape "7.21.07" (only 200 made)

Remember Cassettes Tapes?!? For some of us it’s a totally foreign concept and for others it seems like only yesterday we were listening to our favorite tunes off of these rectangular plastic cartridges. Well, oddly enough while digging around in our garden here at the Villa de Solilla we found a box of tapes that just so happens to have a live show of ours from 2007. I don’t know how it happened but we tend to not ask too many questions when the universe gives us gifts. Anyway, we don’t have too much need for 200 tapes, so we are selling these rare collector’s items to whomever gets to ‘em first.

The incredibly energetic live performance featured on the tape was recorded here in Orlando at the Social. And for those who like surprises, you’ll find something special at the beginning and end of the tape for your listening pleasure.

$ 10.00