As if We Existed (Limited LP)

Released 11/2006 (Anti-/Epitaph Records)

Note to all: The number and order of songs on this vinyl version of “As if We Existed” is different from the full album version. Select songs were ommitted in order to provide maximum sonic quality and volume.. in other words: This is all that would fit on to the record without it sounding like crap.. so buy the CD too!! -DiViNCi of SoS

Just when you thought everything has been done, “As If We Existed” offers a totally fresh and unique take on Hip Hop. Virtuosic glitchy beats that can still make your head nod; soaring, jazzy vocals, and thought-provoking raps, make this the soulful surprise of the season…
8 tracks. 36 minutes.
(review courtesy of Anti-/Epitaph Records)


Side A:
1. as if we existed
2. ask me if i care
3. black guy peace
4. berlin

Side B:
5. mark it place
6. property & malt liquor
7. ur turn
8. our 2 cents

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